Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and quick review
Lecture: Recap and closing remarks

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0:00 That's right, you've made it all the way to the end of this course. I hope you found it super interesting and you've learned a lot
0:09 because I believe you now have enough to build powerful and fully featured Rest services. So now the big question you need to be asking yourself is
0:18 what kind of service are you going to build now. You have this amazing new power, what are you going to build with it?
0:25 I hope you'll take what you learned in this course and you'll go build something amazing. And remember, we've seen many Eve features during this course
0:34 and there are others out there just waiting for you to discover them. I suggest you take a look at stuff like cache control, document versioning,
0:43 soft deletes, predefined db filters, file media storage, GeoJson, logging and the oplog, and last but absolutely not least
0:53 the native support for Mongo aggregations. On the website, you'll also find tutorials on how to enable more advanced authentication schemes
1:03 such as token or hmac authentication. Just go to Python-eve.org and carefully check all the docs out there
1:10 I'm sure you will find plenty of the useful information. Now before you leave and you go build that thing let's talk about a few wrap up details.
1:21 First of all, make sure you get the materials from the github repository. If you haven't already, go to
1:28 github.com talkPython eve-building-restufl-mongodb-backed-apis course, the URL is there at the bottom and star this repository,
1:39 or consider forking it so you have a permanent vision for yourself. As far as I know the git materials are entirely finished, and published
1:48 there is a chance that somebody will find a small bug throughout the course, or I will refactor some of the code,
1:56 but it is very likely that what you see at this github repository is final material.

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