Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Fine-tuning your REST service
Lecture: Still a Flask app

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0:00 We saw how many features the Eve framework brings to the table
0:03 and one very important feature you should never forget about is
0:08 that Eve still is a 100% Flask application.
0:12 Let me illustrate, if you remember when we were doing
0:15 the Flask hello world app a few lectures ago,
0:20 all we had to do was define a function
0:23 return something, a string, for example,
0:32 and then decorate our function with a route decorator,
0:38 and we need to pass the URL.
0:41 So pure Flask RestFul dispatching at work here.
0:46 But we're using an app instance of Eve class not Flask class
0:50 but because Eve is actually a subclass of Flask
0:53 this is going to work, let's try and save,
0:57 server restarts, we go to Postman and we hit the local host 5000 hello endpoint.
1:08 Boom, hello world, and we're still getting all the features coming from Eve,
1:16 right now we don't have authentication going here
1:19 but we only need to edit and here we go,
1:26 and by the way, we're using Postman here
1:28 but we could as well go back to our browser access
1:36 our endpoint, as we used to do with the basic Flask application.
1:40 Of course, if we go and hit the people endpoint from the browser,
1:44 it works, but we need to authenticate,
1:54 I don't remember the password, it was a secret, right,
1:58 yes, here it is, well, hardly readable,
2:00 but rest assured, this is the same output we're getting from Postman.
2:03 So full Flask power plus Eve features at your fingertips.