Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and tools
Lecture: Postman

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0:00 Postman is a Rest client and one of the best ones.
0:04 It was started as a Chrome extension,
0:06 then, it evolved into stand-alone app which you can use on all operating systems.
0:11 I think it is the most used Rest client in the world right now,
0:16 and I find it has the right number of features and options
0:19 combined into intuitive enough user interface.
0:24 It allows you to send requests, inspect and save responses,
0:28 add tests and create workflows, should you need them.
0:32 It is also free to use in its basic version, which is all we need for our course.
0:37 Installation is easy, you know the three already,
0:40 just click the right button, download the app installer,
0:43 execute it, and you're good to go.