Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and tools
Lecture: Python v3.5+

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0:00 The first thing you are going to need to take this course is Python, of course,
0:03 and I'm sure many of you are happy to hear it's Python 3 and Python 2,
0:07 and you might as well use Python 3.6,
0:09 but if you have 3.5 or something like that installed, that is totally good.
0:13 If you are on Windows,
0:16 there is a good chance that you have no version of Python
0:19 and you will need to install it.
0:21 If you are on OS X or MacOS, as it's called these days,
0:25 you probably have Python 2 which ships with it, but not Python 3.
0:29 If you are on Ubuntu, chances are that both Python 2 and 3 are there,
0:34 so check your system, see what it is that you need,
0:37 but we are using Python 3 and we are not using either of the 3.6 features,
0:43 so if you have 3.5 or 3.4 that's totally fine.
0:47 Some of you may be thinking
0:49 should we do this on Python 3 or should we do it on Python 2.
0:52 Well, the truth is, Eve supports both of them
0:56 so if for some reason you are forced to stay in Python 2,
0:59 do know that most of what you see me do during this course
1:03 will work perfectly fine on Python 2.
1:06 And yes, I do know there are environments out there
1:09 where Python 2 is the only option,
1:11 not long ago, I was consulting on Eve and Mongo in one European University
1:15 and to my surprise, I found that all machines in the campus
1:19 were limited to Python 2.6.
1:23 Luckily, both, Eve and Mongo do just fine on Python 2.6,
1:26 so they were safe for me.
1:28 I think the debate about Python 3 and Python 2 is pretty much over anyway;
1:31 in two years, Python 2 will be retired,
1:34 which means it won't be maintained past the 2020.
1:37 There's actually an official countdown website
1:40 where you can go and learn everything about it.
1:42 One of the links on that page actually leads to
1:46 a PyCon keynote done by Guido van Rossum himself,
1:49 where he open ups with his, now classical, there are no use for Python 2.
1:53 So, going forward, I believe Python 3 is where you want to be.
1:57 That said, the actual differences in code are extremely small,
2:01 so really, either way will work,
2:04 but the code we are writing is technically Python 3.
2:06 So you want to have that one installed.