Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet the instructor

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0:01 It's time to meet your instructor. I am Nicola, hey, nice to meet you! I'm excited that you are taking my class.
0:08 I live in Ravena, Italy, where I run a software company that makes accounting apps for small businesses. I am a Microsoft MVP, a MongoDB Master,
0:18 a speaker at local and international conferences and a teacher. In my spare time, I also run the local CoderDojo, a coding club for kids,
0:28 and DevRomagna, the leading developer community in my area. What is probably more relevant to you however,
0:34 is that I am the author and maintener several Python and C# open source projects one of them being the Eve Rest framework.
0:42 I have been leading the Eve project and its ecosystem for five years now so as you can imagine, I am quite involved with it
0:49 and I am looking forward to share my knowledge with you. If you want to learn more about me and my activity,
0:56 check out my website that nikolaiarocci.com or follow me on Twitter.

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