RESTful and HTTP APIs in Pyramid Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: Docs

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0:01 Alright, the last thing we did after everything was up and running, we said, well if this is something public we should add some documentation
0:07 and we could add that documentation somewhere else, or we could implement it and run it right in our web app.
0:13 So we added a /docs section, and this decent look and little documentation for the various things,
0:20 so if we want to get all the autos, we're going to do a get to api/autos, if we want to create a car we'll do a post to /api/autos,
0:28 and we'll pass that body we say there, and you'll see the response type and so on. So, because we only have a few endpoints and a few options
0:35 documenting inside our app seemed like a really decent choice, if you have a really complicated one,
0:40 we talked about other options as well in that section.

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