RESTful and HTTP APIs in Pyramid Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: What is REST?

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0:01 Now, before we put the wraps on this class and you go off to create your own apis, let's do a really quick review of each chapter;
0:09 so we started out the course with asking the question what is rest and we said there's a set of principles that these web services can follow
0:17 and the more of them you follow, the more restful you are, so one is to use http methods explicitly, endpoints are URLs not verbs typically but nouns,
0:28 you know, api/autos not api/list_autos things like that; it's casheable the get ones at least,
0:35 it's layered system, so you don't see beyond what you're talking to even if that calls, other services, stateless, at first that wasn't true,
0:43 but once we switched to the database totally stateless; it supports content negotiation, so that's using the except and content types in http
0:52 to say hey if you could give me png that would be better than xml, things like that, hyper media as the engine of application state or HATEOAS,
1:01 this is the one that we kind of pointed on and said you know, a lot of services really don't do this,
1:05 this is more of a pure web thing, and so this is a spectrum, and I think we've made it more or less to level
1:12 six not level seven, and that's fine with me.

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