RESTful and HTTP APIs in Pyramid Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: You've done it!

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0:01 There it is, the finish line, you've made it! Nice work, you've got through all these restful http service concepts
0:09 and because you made it to the finish line, because you probably worked through and followed along with the demos as you were going to the course
0:17 you now have a new magic power— building restful apis. So the big question is— what are you going to build now?
0:26 So I hope you really enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it, and think about what you're going to build,
0:31 hopefully you have something really cool that now that you can create these apis very easily and you fully understand them,
0:37 you really are going to build something awesome; and if you do, be sure to come back and share it with us.
0:42 However, before you go, you you want to take the code and the samples with you,
0:46 so be sure to drop by and star and even consider forking that repository,
0:56 so you have an exact copy of how it was when you went through this class. So, if you look into the source folder there
1:02 you'll see there's actually a lot of different chapters and even different stages like step one, step two, step three throughout the code there.
1:09 So I tried to make it so you could pretty easily grab the code from one level and start following along at any step that you like,
1:18 hopefully it worked out that way, if not, do let me know and I can go back and adjust that for others.

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