RESTful and HTTP APIs in Pyramid Transcripts
Chapter: Logging and monitoring
Lecture: Introducing logbook

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0:01 In this course we're going to be using something called logbook. Now, logbook is made by Armin Ronacher, the guy who created Flask
0:10 and logbook is really nice; Python comes with built in logging, but for some reason it's just not so clean and simple,
0:18 I don't know why, but not so much fun; Logbook made it be more fun, so here you can see a really simple example of how you might set it up,
0:25 say we're going to push to standard out, setup a logbook and off it goes, and we'll do this in a couple of different ways in our apis,
0:33 but what makes this fun, what about getting log messages to your phone or desktop notification system, logbook can do that.
0:41 So logbook has got a bunch of cool features and I like it because it's really easy to use, and it works well with layered systems,
0:48 so different levels of your web app can have different output type messages and so on, so that's really great,
0:55 it's easy to tell where did this error come from or what was the sequence of events that led to some log message.

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