RESTful and HTTP APIs in Pyramid Transcripts
Chapter: Your first service
Lecture: Introducing the car dealer service

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0:01 I think it's time to create our first web service.
0:04 What web services we are going to build?
0:07 Well we've been hired by a small town auto dealership here,
0:13 and this dealership is very interested in taking their car sales to the next level
0:19 and they've decided that if they can add a little bit of European flair
0:24 plus some technology, some services,
0:26 maybe people can integrate with their APIs
0:29 they will be able to take it to the top.
0:31 So we're going to add Opel as one of the companies,
0:35 the brands of cars that we're going to sell,
0:38 and we're going to expose all of these Opels
0:41 that people might want to sell or interact with through our web service.
0:45 So we're going to be creating basically a service that lets them list the details
0:49 about the cars that they sell, initially
0:52 and then later, we might be able to do things like add used cars for sales
0:56 or list our own Opel to be sold through their Opel dealership things like that.
1:01 So, if we look at the operations, we're going to start small,
1:04 the first thing that we're going to do
1:06 is be able to just do a get to list all available cars
1:10 now, they've actually got a pretty big supply cars as we'll see in our database,
1:14 so we're going to have to limit this somehow,
1:17 maybe implement some paging or something like that,
1:19 but we want to be able to get all the cars they have,
1:23 and once we have the list of cars, we might want details about those cars.
1:26 So if we want to interact with a particular car,
1:29 we could do a get against api /auto/ the id of that car
1:32 and that will give us a specific details about this car.
1:35 Now, we might want this in many formats, but in our first pass
1:38 we're going to take and exchange all of the data simply in json format.
1:43 I hope you are excited to build this web service
1:46 for this awesome car dealership, it's going to be really fun.