Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Accessing authenticated HTTP services
Lecture: Making authenticated requests with requests

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0:01 So let's add the ability to access the restricted blog service with requests. So you can see up here that I have updated the base url,
0:11 I've actually moved this section of the url, up into the top so I tweaked the code just slightly,
0:16 but you can see most importantly this is the restricted version, so if we come down here to this part where we get post, this should look familiar,
0:22 I want to come over here and say we are looking for application json we are going to do a get just against that url, and let's see what we get here,
0:29 so try a list, it says no, no 401 you must authenticate with basic auth,
0:34 okay, so I am going to show you this in request and it is going to seem super easy,
0:39 and then when we go look at this at the builtins, you are going to be like oh my gosh, why do they do it that way; so, remember
0:45 we had our username is kennedy and the password was super_lockdown, alright, and then, all we have to do is come over here
0:55 and say auth=(user, password) okay, and let's tell PyCharm that lockdown is actually a word,
1:06 okay, let's run this again, and we'll try our list, boom, ta- da, it's working,
1:09 of course, we can't delete anything so if I try to delete one, it says 401 you must authenticate, okay, so this is really all that is required,
1:17 and maybe we would even move this somewhere else, just in case it changes,
1:21 I could put this up here as global, I could write a function that is going to return it,
1:25 something to that effect, but let me just copy this over, and we will put in the other one,
1:31 so here when we are doing a post, again, we just say auth is this, when we are doing a put, we just say the auth is this, and last but not least,
1:42 when we're doing a delete, we are going to say this, alright, let's try to list again,
1:46 okay, that works, let's try to add one, we call this doomed post, I am going to try to delete it, okay so perfect, that woks,
1:56 let's see yeah, doomed post, let's try to update it, I am just going to increment the count so number 2, same, same, view count 1999, try to list it,
2:06 it was updated, now let's delete it, alright, which one is 2, goodbye 2, 2 is gone.
2:10 Okay, so authentication with requests, super easy, auth username:password,
2:16 but remember, make sure this url is something that is going to keep your data safe, either something internal you trust, or something over ssl.

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