Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Calling SOAP services from Python
Lecture: Installing suds for Python 3

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0:01 Now I don't always do examples of how to install things, like pip install the thing,
0:04 or go to PyCharm and hit command or alt enter
0:08 and it will say do you want to install this, you say yes, okay,
0:10 but, working with suds-jurko is a little bit different,
0:13 it's not entirely intuitive, so let me just give you this quick rundown,
0:17 so if we say, first of all which pip are we working with, notice,
0:20 I've activated our virtual environment and just for kicks
0:25 we'll say which version this is from Python 3, okay, so Python 3.6. great,
0:30 now, if I say pip list what do we have installed, requests,
0:33 a few other random things that came along with the packaging tools,
0:37 and that's about it, we have no suds, clearly, suds is not in that list,
0:42 so if I say pip install suds, and hit enter that would be super wrong,
0:47 because that is going to install the five year old Python 2 only version,
0:50 it probably won't even install it actually, but if it does, it's still going to be wrong,
0:54 so what we install is suds-jurko, okay, so the name of the package is suds-jurko.
1:01 Successfully installed, suds-jurko, version .6.
1:06 Cool, so let's go over here and run Python, that is my virtual environment Python,
1:11 if I come down here and say import suds_jurko or something,
1:15 that would be wrong, I just import suds,
1:18 okay, the package name has to be non conflicting with regular suds,
1:21 but other than that, the API and everything is basically old school suds,
1:24 just made for Python 3 so now we have all the things
1:27 we want to do with this thing right here.