Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Consuming RESTful HTTP services
Lecture: Welcome to the blog explorer app

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0:01 Let me introduce you to the application that we are going to be using throughout this whole modifying data section and even a little bit afterwards.
0:09 And I am calling this the blog explorer. So it's using this service that we've already seen in the previous video,
0:16 and this is our blog service and notice I am defining this base url, the reason is we can also run this locally and we could switch this out
0:24 like a local host version which is included in the github repository with instructions how to set it up and run it and all those kinds of things.
0:31 So if you are somewhere without internet, you can replace this with the local version and run that,
0:37 So the idea basically is it's going to work around this concept of posts and a post is going to have id, title, content,
0:43 it's going to have a published date, as a string and it's going to have a view count, so what we are going to do is we are going to write a little app,
0:50 here you can see the made method and it's going to give you four basic options, you can show the post with a list command,
0:56 you can add a new post with the "a" command, you can update a post with the "u" command and you can delete a post with the "d" command.
1:05 Now, just be aware there is some pre existing posts which are shared by everybody who uses the service,
1:10 and those you can't update, you'll get a message about that, but the ones you create you can update those and delete them,
1:15 so what we are going to do next is we are going to work on getting this list post to work,
1:20 you can see there is no real implementation other than this show bit here. So I'll go and run it and show you we can say I would like to list
1:27 and it says to do get post soap because the get post is not implemented,
1:30 there are posts to show, if I do update, or delete, all of those just say look,
1:35 you got to write this, but this structure is in place for us to go to in the next set of videos,
1:40 the one thing that totally works right now, you can exit.

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