Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Binary data from services (and elsewhere)
Lecture: Concept: Binary downloads with requests

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0:01 Now that you've seen how we can download binary data,
0:05 like mp3s and whatnot, with request, let's review he core concepts.
0:08 Of course, we are going to have to import requests,
0:11 and then we saw that we had to enable streaming for this to work,
0:15 we got weird results, it looked like it was downloading but not really,
0:19 so we had to enable streaming and turn on decode binary content to true;
0:23 we also saw that we can save a lot of stream juggling work,
0:27 that we might have to do, if we use the shell utility copy file object
0:33 which takes one stream and copies to another
0:36 so it reads right of the network and writes straight to the file system
0:38 and everything is taken care of, it's beautiful.