Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: XML services with requests
Lecture: Concept: Consuming XML data from an HTTP service

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0:01 So to review, working with xml from services is pretty straightforward.
0:04 Again, because it's the easiest way to do stuff on http,
0:07 we are going to work with requests,
0:10 and then, we are also going to use the ElementTree,
0:12 and we are going to call request.get given url,
0:15 that is going to get us the response, remember,
0:17 check the status code, make sure everything worked out okay
0:20 and then we can get a hold of the actual xml as a string, via response.text
0:23 and then we are going to use ElementTree and parse it as fromstring,
0:27 and once we have that, we are off to the races,
0:30 we now have an xml dom in memory and we just do xpath queries against it
0:34 as we saw in the previous section.