Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: XML services with requests
Lecture: Concept: Working with XML from Python

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0:02 Let's review working with xml in Python.
0:05 We're not yet to the services part, but that's actually the easy part,
0:08 it's working with xml itself that can sometimes be tricky;
0:12 so here we've got a little fragment of the data that came
0:15 from that Reed college course catalogue that was reed.xml,
0:18 you can see we have a title, we have days, we have building, and room,
0:21 and if we want to work with this, we go and import ElementTree,
0:25 and just to make our lives easier, it wasn't technically necessary
0:28 but it is better to create a named tuple
0:31 which is more or less a class with fields only and no functions,
0:35 which was all we really needed it was little data containers,
0:38 and then we are going to parse that from the string representation of xml
0:43 into the DOM, the object model,
0:46 we are going to use the from string method on the ElementTree,
0:49 and then we start writing xpath, queries against it,
0:52 so here we are looping over the find all of the courses, and for each course,
0:57 or each really node that we find in the xml document, we are going to run
1:01 a set of subqueries on that document, so we are going to query for the title,
1:04 for the place/building, place/room,
1:07 and then in this example we're also getting the days that it runs.
1:10 Then if we want the courses that are held in Eliot hall, or a building,
1:13 all we have to do is write a little list comprehension
1:16 say give me the course for course in courses,
1:19 these are the transformed named tuple types, where the building=eliot.
1:23 Boom, it's done, it's worth considering the trade-off of xml versus json
1:29 and how it relates back to Soap services.
1:33 So Soap is a much more strict and honestly convoluted protocol
1:38 than simple xml exchange.
1:41 So Soap has envelops and headers and a bunch of namespaces,
1:45 and certain ways in which things must be structured,
1:48 and xml is just much more general, there can be simple xml or complicated xml.
1:52 So what we are doing and what we are going to do, for this section,
1:55 is all about just working with plain xml data, not Soap services,
2:00 Soap services require tons of tooling and we'll work on that later, right,
2:06 we'll see that Python actually has some decent answers to the Soap story
2:09 if you must use those services,
2:11 but in this case, we are just working with straight xml.
2:14 So, we are just focused on working with xml by itself, now, if you get the choice,
2:18 if you get to decide whether you have an xml service or a Json service,
2:22 choose, Json, it much more closely matches the way data is represented in Python
2:28 and the way it's represented in Javascript,
2:31 so if you are building a web app and it's got a Javascript front end
2:34 and a Python back end, Json all the way,
2:37 but, consuming xml is still not too bad as we've seen.
2:39 So, let's go look at another example.