Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Reading JSON data with requests
Lecture: Concept: Consuming GitHub JSON API

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0:00 Let's review the core concepts about accessing Json services with Requests,
0:03 of course we are going to start by importing Request,
0:06 I have to have the url to the service that we are going to call,
0:10 in this case we are just going to do a basic get so we say request.get given the url,
0:13 we get our response back and we've worked with this already,
0:16 but the thing that is new this time is we now can call .json
0:20 and that will directly translate the text,
0:23 string representation of Json into a Python dictionary
0:27 and then we just work with the data in there
0:29 in our example we got the clone url for the get clone command
0:33 from wherever repository we were pointing at in the API.