Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Reading JSON data with requests
Lecture: Working with JSON from Python

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0:00 While HTML and text is really made for humans,
0:03 that is not the focus of this course, a focus of this course is
0:06 to consume data and formats meant for programs and computers.
0:10 So, what does that include, well, Json is the most popular
0:15 exchange format these days, especially around HTTP restful services,
0:18 back when Soap was popular XML was really important
0:22 and we saw how XML being passed around or take things like rss feeds,
0:26 there is a number of older services that still use xml so we are going to work with that,
0:31 obviously binary data is very often something we want to access and download,
0:35 think of a zip file or an image or something and then.
0:38 Soap, we are also going to come back and look at Soap,
0:41 but for now, let's focus on Json, so we are going to look at
0:44 how we consume Json services, obviously, but before we do that,
0:48 I think the right place to start is for us actually
0:51 to just do a little bit of work with Json in Python and leave the network out of it.