Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Initial HTTP GET requests with the requests package
Lecture: Concept: installing requests

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0:00 So let's review installing requests, we had already created a virtual environment,
0:05 but don't forget to activate it, so . (dot, space) the path activate on Windows, you don't have to do the dot and this is just activate.batch.
0:15 So either way, our prompt will change and then we'll have access to the packaging tools for that environment.
0:21 Then of course, we are going to do pip install requests, that is going to download and install it
0:27 and then just to make sure you can make a quick pip list to see what you've got, and here we can see that requests 2.13.0
0:33 that is the latest at the time of this recording was successfully installed and ready to roll.

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