Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Initial HTTP GET requests with the requests package
Lecture: Getting started with requests

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0:01 The first type of services that we are going to focus on,
0:04 not surprisingly are the most popular type, that is HTTP restful services,
0:08 and we are going to use a very popular package called Requests
0:12 for our first look at it and then we'll come back later
0:14 and look at it through the eyes of the built ins.
0:17 So where are we in our overall course map?
0:20 Well, we are talking about HTTP clients and right now we are focused on Requests.
0:24 You may have heard of Requests, Requests or HTTP for Humans as Kenneth puts it
0:29 is the most popular package for Python, not the most popular networking package,
0:32 it's the most popular package, it's been downloaded seven million times a month.
0:38 So, it's really popular, and you can see that it has a very simple API
0:43 and the reason this exists is the built in urllib and urllib2 have some really funky APIs
0:51 and it's generally hard to work with, there is a lot of funkiness and it even gets less good,
0:56 if you will, in Python 3, rather than Python 2, so the built ins are not super joyous.
1:01 There are reasons to use them and we will talk about what those are and when,
1:05 but for our first look at HTTP services, we are going to absolutely use Requests.
1:10 Like most Python packages, we are going to install Requests via pip,
1:15 so here you can see its projects page on PyPi,
1:18 this is the newer version of PyPi at
1:21 and it says to install it, we are just going to pip install requests,
1:24 that's pretty straightforward, so let's go do that now.