Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: The service landscape
Lecture: Service type: Message queues

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0:01 Finally, let's talk about queuing. We are not going to cover queuing in this class, but if we are taking the survey of the range of possible ways
0:11 of communicating with services, queuing probably shouldn't be left out. So queuing is typically done sort of behind the firewall, right,
0:17 so I've got a set of apps they are running behind the firewall, one of them is going to get some sort of operation,
0:24 it's going to add some kind of work or message to the queue later on asynchronously another app that might pick that up and do something,
0:33 so for example, hey I am a web server, will you send an email to this person, and I am going to carry on serving at my web pages.
0:39 Some other sort of email work or process might grab that go yeah sure, I will start the outbound email campaign to this person.
0:46 That is queuing, we are not going to cover queuing in this class, but just to round down the spectrum there you have it.

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