Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Get the source code for the course

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0:00 Finally, we are going to write a lot of code in this course. Well, I am going to write a lot of code in this course, and hopefully you follow along,
0:08 it would be great when you see me doing these demos, for you to say okay, I am going to take basically the idea that I saw Michael do there,
0:14 and I am going to write that, all of the APIs in fact that we are working with are public and out in the open.
0:21 So, even the ones where we have to modify data are publicly accessible, I've created some special ones for this course,
0:27 so you should be able to write the code and follow along in examples. So I strongly encourage you to have your own little projects,
0:35 your own set of Python apps that is more or less replicating what I am doing here, but I do have the source code of exactly what I typed
0:44 on the screen available to you here at github, it's consuming_services_Python_demos on my github account,
0:51 and I encourage you right now to go star and/ or fork that repository so you have it as part of your record.

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