Consuming HTTP Services in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Editor options and PyCharm

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0:01 The editor and the IDE that I am going to be using throughout this course is called PyCharm.
0:06 In my opinion, this is hands down the best tooling for writing Python applications;
0:11 you don't have to use PyCharm, if you do want to just go to, they have two basic versions, you can get the community edition
0:20 which is free and open source, or you can get the pro version which costs some money, it's not super expensive but does cost some money.
0:27 For this course, I don't believe there is anything in there that is required
0:31 that is only in the pro version, so the community edition should be totally fine, for taking this course, if you have the pro version,
0:38 hey you have some other cool features and that's great. If you don't want to use PyCharm, that's fine,
0:43 the code we are working with is not that complex, it's pretty self contained,
0:46 you can use Sublime text, you can use Visual Studio Code with the Python plugin or extension, you can use Emacs, you can use Vim,
0:53 but the demos I am doing are going to be in PyCharm so if you want to follow exactly along- get PyCharm.

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