Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Remember the source luke

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0:00 Now, I suspect you're probably very familiar with the GitHub repository, but before we move along, just remember, if you haven't
0:08 starred this, maybe even forked it, you probably should. That'll help you keep track of it and keep your own version exactly like
0:15 it was at the end of this course. If you don't use Git, you could just come over here and just download it as a ZIP. So we already have all of our data
0:24 and this is what the data importer uses. And the source, and we have the before and after code for many of the various changes.
0:31 So for example, validation, this is where we started. This is where we finished. If at any point you want to jump in and go awe
0:37 I want to go from here to there hopefully the structure here will make that really easy instead of just having, here's the final code
0:45 at the end, good luck on how it was in the middle. So I really tried to save for each chapter a beginning and an end along the way
0:52 so it would really help you be able to jump in and out and see what we built at each step.

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