Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: MongoDB edition
Lecture: Final cleanup

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0:00 Let me just make a one final comment here
0:02 on cleanup before we finish with this whole chapter.
0:05 We won't write anymore code.
0:06 Just think about some ideas here.
0:09 Now that we've migrated all of our data over to MongoDB
0:12 if we're truly committed to moving away
0:15 from our relational database and over to Mongo
0:18 or whatever direction you're going.
0:19 It doesn't really matter. The same thinking applies.
0:22 If you're fully committed to being over into that new space
0:25 we've moved our data
0:27 well, the next step would be to go over here
0:30 hit delete, just wipe away all those files.
0:33 Commit that to GitHub.
0:35 Maybe tag it or somehow like create some kind of branch
0:38 or do something to make a really clear spot
0:40 that you can go back and find it.
0:42 But then remove it.
0:44 Don't keep these things hanging around
0:46 because you'll have to somehow maintain them.
0:49 You know, the way it works when you do the scan
0:51 for the routes is it's going to read through all these
0:54 and then these are going to see things
0:55 like the top import SQLAlchemy.
0:57 You'll still have to install those dependencies
1:00 even though you have no intention of using them.
1:01 So wipe that away, delete that file
1:05 'cause same reason that I just described.
1:08 It's going to have the SQLAlchemy dependencies
1:10 and it's going to cause trouble.
1:11 We're not doing that 'cause I want to leave it
1:13 in this state where you can come to this
1:16 look at this migration.
1:17 You can take the data that is being shipped through GitHub
1:22 here and then run this migrate to Mongo
1:25 to actually get the data into MongoDB
1:27 because I'm not shipping the MongoDB database separately.
1:30 It's not so easy.
1:31 So anyway, I think I'm going to keep it for your demo
1:35 for your example to be around.
1:37 However, in practice, once you've made this transformation
1:42 it's time to, you know, put a save point in GitHub
1:46 wave goodby to whatever the other data model was
1:48 and move on.
1:49 If you need it back, there's always source control.
1:51 You can get it back.