Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: MongoDB edition
Lecture: Not a MongoDB course

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0:00 Now, I just want to set expectations
0:01 before we get into this.
0:02 This is not a full MongoDB course.
0:05 I'm not here to teach you absolutely everything
0:07 about managing, deploying and working with MongoDB.
0:11 I actually have two courses on that.
0:12 I have a free one called MongoDB Quick Start with Python.
0:15 And then a paid nine-hour one, seven hours of
0:18 quite long and involved, MongoDB for Developers with Python.
0:22 Either of these courses would be great
0:24 if you really want to dig into Mongo.
0:26 The free one gets the basic ideas in place.
0:29 The paid one definitely covers sort of the whole life cycle
0:32 of working with it and using it for your app.
0:34 So this is not going to cover everything.
0:37 We're going to cover just a sliver
0:39 like just enough really lightly for you to see
0:43 how to make this change and sort of evolve our code
0:46 and more or less appreciate the design patterns.
0:50 We're going to go quick and we're not going to cover everything.
0:52 If you need more resources, here are two good ones.