Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Testing web apps
Lecture: Special challenges of the web

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0:00 Let's focus on some of the special
0:02 challenges we might have in testing web projects.
0:05 Here is a POST view method that's going to handle
0:09 the postback, when we're doing registration.
0:11 So, this is how users actually register on our site.
0:14 And, you look at it, you can see there's things
0:15 we might want to test, this interaction with the ViewModel
0:19 this error handling, the actual creation of the account.
0:22 But, look carefully. You'll see there are certain areas
0:26 where this is much harder than
0:29 just some sort of algorithmic thing.
0:31 We're creating a register ViewModel
0:33 and, oh it takes a request.
0:35 That's an actual Pyramid request.
0:37 With various dictionaries like the Post, Get, matchdict
0:41 headers, URLs, all sorts of stuff.
0:45 Hmmm, how do we create one of those?
0:47 That could be tricky. Validate.
0:49 Remember the register ViewModel actually goes back
0:51 to the database to make sure the user that's trying
0:53 to register isn't already registered.
0:56 How do we talk to the database?
0:57 We don't actually want to go to the database in our test.
1:00 What we want to do is run these tests in isolation.
1:03 So, how do we make that still do something meaningful
1:05 without actually going to the database.
1:07 That's really tricky. We're going to create an account.
1:10 Well that's definitely going to go to the database, right.
1:12 Maybe it's also going to send like a welcome email
1:15 who knows what that user service thing does.
1:17 It might do all kinds of things we don't want to happen.
1:20 So, we don't want an email to get sent to a random person
1:23 every time these automatic tests run, right.
1:26 We want to make sure that doesn't happen
1:27 but we might want to verify that the email would
1:30 have been sent correctly.
1:32 Similarly login, what does that mean?
1:34 This redirect that probably throws an exception
1:36 but in a positive way, right, throws a HTTPFound exception
1:40 for /account. So, all of these things are special challenges
1:44 of working with the web when we're doing testing.