Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: User input and HTML forms
Lecture: Attempt to register

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0:00 It looks we'll be able to call create_user
0:01 over from our Account Controller
0:03 but, you know, let's actually try it.
0:07 Let's go over here and register.
0:08 Actually, let's first look in the database
0:09 and see that there is no user with that name.
0:19 So we'll check the email equals
0:26 Zero rows, okay. Now let's go register.
0:32 Alright, it seemed to work. Seemed to register.
0:35 Rerun our query. Boom, look at that.
0:39 User 85 has been created.
0:41 Here's Michael Kennedy, there's the email address I passed.
0:44 We got our default values of created_date.
0:46 Last logon, login we didn't set the profile image
0:49 but I don't really know what to put there for now.
0:51 So we're going to leave that alone.
0:53 But check out this password.
0:54 That is one gnarly-looking password.
0:56 So apparently 150,000 times some custom salt
1:00 a whole bunch of crazy so this is really really good.
1:03 This is, this should be totally fine for our password story.
1:07 Oh, sure looks like we're able to create an account
1:09 and register. Maybe we should try to login.