Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Using SQLAchemy
Lecture: Get the full SQLAlchemy story

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0:00 I did mention this at the very beginning of the course
0:01 but if you want to dig deeper into SQLAlchemy
0:04 hear the backstories of the design patterns
0:07 that whole concept of the unit of work
0:09 and why Mike thought that was great and brought it in
0:12 you can check out
0:15 that will take you over one of the very first
0:19 Talk Python episodes I did with Mike Bayer.
0:21 And you can listen to the whole story about how
0:24 he created it, how it's evolved over time
0:25 things like that.
0:26 So if you want to dig deeper, here's a quick and easy way
0:29 to do it while you're driving or doing chores.