Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Using SQLAchemy
Lecture: Concept: Inserting data

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0:00 We started off this chapter by demoing
0:02 how to insert data.
0:03 Let's actually summarize now here at the end.
0:06 So again, we're going to create a session
0:08 which is the corresponding unit of work
0:11 bit of syntax in SQLAlchemy.
0:13 Then we're just going to allocate some objects
0:15 so here we're going to create a package
0:17 and set its ID and its author
0:19 maybe create some releases, set the release
0:23 not package value, other properties similarly
0:26 release two, set its package.
0:28 We're going to add the package, call commit
0:30 whoosh, all three of those things
0:32 because of the relationships get inserted into the database.
0:36 Super easy.