Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Modeling data with SQLAlchemy classes
Lecture: Who uses SQLAlchemy?

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0:00 When you choose a framework
0:01 whether that's for a database or web framework
0:03 it's good to know that you're in good company
0:05 that other companies and products have already tested this
0:09 and looked around and decided
0:11 yeah, SQLAlchemy is a great choice.
0:13 So let's look at some of the popular deployments.
0:17 Dropbox is a user of SQLAlchemy and Dropbox is
0:20 one of the most significant Python shops out there.
0:25 Guido van Rossum and some of the other
0:27 core developers work there
0:28 and almost everything they do is in Python
0:31 so the fact that they use SQLAlchemy
0:32 that's a very high vote of confidence.
0:36 Uber, Uber uses SQLAlchemy.
0:38 Reddit, Reddit's interesting in that
0:40 they don't use the ORM, but in fact they use only the core
0:45 at least a while ago they were using only the core aspect
0:49 of SQLAlchemy, that's pretty cool.
0:52 Firefox, Mozilla, more properly, is using SQLAlchemy.
0:57 OpenStack makes heavy use of SQLAlchemy.
1:00 FreshBooks, the accounting software
1:02 based on, you guessed it, SQLAlchemy.
1:04 We've got Hulu, Yelp, TriMet
1:08 that's the Public Transit Authority
1:10 for all of Portland, Oregon
1:11 the trains, the buses and things like that
1:15 so they use that as well.
1:16 So here are just a couple of the companies
1:18 and products that use SQLAlchemy.
1:20 There's some really high pressure, some of these are under
1:23 you know if it's working for them
1:25 it's going to work well for you, especially Reddit
1:27 Reddit gets a crazy amount of traffic.
1:30 So pretty interesting that they're all using it
1:32 and we'll see why in a little bit.