Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Bootstrap and frontend CSS frameworks
Lecture: Buttons and forms

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0:00 Another really visible aspect of Bootstrap is buttons and related to that, forms. So let's look at that. Here's, the signup form
0:11 where you create your account on Wistia. Now Wistia's like a video hosting company I don't use them really for anything
0:17 but they're a pretty cool company and this is a decent login page. It's kind of nicely styled and somewhat unique.
0:23 And notice, there's a couple of buttons here. We have a button down at the bottom which is going to submit this form
0:30 and in HTML, there's actually angle bracket button. Probably has type equals submit, something like that. So this is actually the button
0:38 that HTML itself knows will submit the form. Up here, we also have a button. But that's not actually a button, it's just a hyperlink.
0:46 These could look exactly the same or they could look slightly different like they have them here. But the idea is, we have this concept of a button.
0:53 I click on this big thing and it does button-like stuff. It does some action. Whether or not that's buttons or links in HTML, it doesn't really matter.
1:03 My rule of thumb is: it's a button if it submits a form otherwise it's a link; pretty much is the way it goes.
1:09 But the visual aspect and the conceptual aspect of button and whether or not it's a button or hyperlink those are separate
1:17 and Bootstrap lets you easily style them in that way.

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