Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Bootstrap and frontend CSS frameworks
Lecture: Running in a real web server

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0:00 Two quick parting thoughts.
0:01 One, thee lorem ipsum, the filler text that I put here
0:06 is not standard for ipsum, it's what's called
0:09 hipster ipsum, so if you just search for hipster ipsum
0:13 you know ipsum like that and hipster
0:16 you'll get a slightly more entertaining filler text here.
0:19 So we have like Etsy, bicycle rides, Kickstarter
0:22 gentrify, Buschwick, Brunch Craft Beer, and so on.
0:26 It's kind of fun to play with.
0:27 So you can go and generate paragraphs of text there.
0:31 And also, even though this is not a python site
0:34 sometimes you need to run the html page
0:38 in the browser to get it to work right.
0:40 What we're doing, that's not true
0:41 but in PyCharm, even on plain html pages
0:45 and come over here and say run and it opens
0:48 over here like this.
0:50 The reason it looks a little bit different than that one
0:51 is I have this one zoomed like that
0:54 so you can see the differences a little more clearly.
0:56 There you go, so now you can see it's actually
0:57 running in a proper web server.
0:59 Sometimes that matters for JavaScript and things like that.