Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Bootstrap and frontend CSS frameworks
Lecture: CSS Front-end framework survey

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0:00 Now before we start working with Bootstrap let's do a quick survey of what's out there. So Bootstrap probably is the most popular front-end framework
0:11 for a CSS framework, that's out there. And that has a lot of benefits. It means one, there's a lot of tutorials and demos
0:19 but also there's a lot of themes and other sort of add-ons and extensions. So popularity does matter, especially if you want
0:26 to get into the theme side of things. But it's not the only thing, right? Maybe there's another one you like better.
0:33 Like I said in the opening for this chapter we're going to use Bootstrap. It's pretty popular, you see, at 125,000 GitHub stars.
0:40 There's a nice URL you can go to, and there's a bunch of sites built with Bootstrap
0:47 that you can click around and get some inspiration from. And it's always view source. You can even borrow it to build your own site.
0:55 Another one that's really popular is Symantec. So, Symantec UI is a nice framework for building clean web apps, and this one has 41,000 stars
1:05 definitely consider that. Foundation, Zurb Foundation it's really, really popular. This one is a little more popular among
1:12 what I would call, the professional designers the people who really do design for a living. It does a little less hand-holding.
1:20 It's more of a foundation upon which you can build your design. Hence, I guess the name Foundation. So, if that describes you a little better
1:28 it may be considered checking out Foundation. There's Materialize. Here's an example of an app built with Materialze.
1:34 Nice and clean, looks really great. And there's a whole bunch more. Actually, a really great article is this one here
1:40 at KeyCDN, Top 10 Front-End Frameworks of 2016. Yeah, it's a 2016, but many of them are still relevant.
1:47 And it's nice, 'cause it actually gives you a little bit of the trade-offs, like, "Bootstrap is good like this." "But it's not as good as that."
1:53 "This other one, Materialize has this advantage so consider it." So if you're actually shopping
1:59 for what front-end framework to use, give that a quick look. If you don't know, Bootstrap, that's probably the way to go.

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