Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Bootstrap and frontend CSS frameworks
Lecture: What we'll cover

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0:00 So far we've kind of ignored design
0:02 for the most part and we're not going to go deeply
0:06 into design in this course.
0:07 It's not a course about CSS and HTML and web design
0:12 but we should cover enough that you understand
0:16 the design tools that are in place as well
0:18 as be able to bring in extra things, like themes and stuff
0:22 that are really easy wins for making
0:24 your site look better in a hurry.
0:27 So let's briefly talk about what
0:28 we'll learn in this chapter.
0:30 We're going to do a quick survey of what are called
0:32 front-end frameworks, or front-end CSS frameworks.
0:35 These include things like Bootstrap and Foundation
0:37 but there's actually many of them.
0:40 Even though the template you start with comes
0:43 with Bootstrap in Pyramid
0:44 you don't have to stick with Pyramid.
0:46 We will for this course, but you don't have to.
0:48 And so you will have a nice sense of what's out there
0:51 and what the trade-offs are
0:53 because we're going to use Bootstrap.
0:55 It really is the most popular one
0:57 and it's what the templates come with.
0:58 We'll go ahead and use that.
1:00 So we'll do a quick introduction to what Bootstrap is.
1:02 A few of the features are super-important to know
1:04 and really helpful, so we'll talk about grid layout
1:07 and a few of the controls like buttons and widgets.
1:10 And then we're going to bring it all together.
1:12 Remember right now, it's just that
1:13 red starter Pyramid project look
1:17 and it's fine for a single page
1:19 that you just want to show off like a picture
1:20 but it's not really a proper web design.
1:23 So we're going to see how to use things like
1:26 layout macro pages and so on to bring it all together.