Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Your first Pyramid site
Lecture: Concept: Creating the starter project PyCharm

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0:00 Let's review creating Pyramid web apps with PyCharm.
0:04 So remember, we just go new project, and we pick Pyramid
0:08 and then we pick a new virtual environment.
0:10 We set the location, which basically names our website.
0:13 And make sure you expand out the more settings
0:15 and choose Starter and Chameleon.
0:18 So Pyramid, virtual environment, Starter and Chameleon.
0:22 Basically, it solves a whole bunch of those things
0:24 we did at once.
0:27 And then the final thing to do is to run the task
0:30 in development mode.
0:32 Now, if you don't get that little dialogue that says
0:34 hey you need to run it this way
0:35 you can go to tools, run task
0:37 and just type develop.
0:39 But the newest version of PyCharm typically
0:41 finds that and you just click that little bar
0:43 that comes up across the top.
0:45 Then you're ready to run your app.
0:46 How do you run it?
0:47 Well, you click that little play button
0:49 and it runs, and then you go interact with it.
0:51 Easiest way to do that is just to click the hyperlink
0:53 at the bottom and boom, your site's up and running.
0:57 So this is really a nice way to create new projects.
0:59 Honestly, I don't use it very often these days.
1:02 When I was new to Pyramid, I would use PyCharm
1:06 to create those projects and it helped a lot.
1:07 The more I got good at working with Pyramid directly
1:12 I find myself going to the command line more
1:14 and sort of doing stuff manually.
1:16 But either way is totally fine
1:18 this is certainly a good way to get started
1:20 because it helps you through a lot of the steps
1:22 and it makes it real, real simple.