Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing the Pyramid framework
Lecture: Get the back story

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0:00 Before we move on from our introduction of Pyramid, I want to give you a little extra information if you want to go deeper.
0:07 So, obviously, I run the Talk Python To Me podcast and over at, so Episode 3, you can see I interviewed Chris McDonough,
0:19 who was one of the creators of the Pyramid Web Frameworks, who, if you want to hear a conversation going deep
0:25 inside from the creator of Pyramid himself, well, then, drop over here and you can have a listen. It's about an hour long.
0:33 Similarly, we're going to talk about SQLAlchemy, and over at I interviewed Mike Bayer, who is the creator and maintainer of SQLAlchemy.
0:44 Also, similar story, go deep inside and learn the history and the features of that framework.
0:50 Obviously, I'll tell you everything I think you need to know to build the web apps and do the data access throughout this course,
0:57 but if you want to get a little bit deeper and learn the personalities behind all this stuff, then definitely check out the podcast.

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