Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Following along

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0:00 Now, I've tried to structure this course
0:01 so it's easy for you to follow along.
0:05 It's great to have a bunch of building blocks.
0:07 Here's how you do routing.
0:08 Here's how you do templates.
0:09 Here's how you talk to the database.
0:11 And then say well go forth
0:13 and you can put your building blocks together.
0:15 Good luck. But it's way more fun to build them up
0:18 and have something you've created over time.
0:21 So, I've tried to design this course
0:22 in a way that you can do that
0:23 and if you get off track you can sort of reset.
0:27 I talked previously in the other video about having a before
0:30 and after code for each section in the GitHub repository.
0:34 Let me show you that right now.
0:35 Here we are in the GitHub repository.
0:37 If you go over here to the source section
0:39 you'll see it doesn't sort it really great numerically
0:42 but for each chapter that we've written code
0:45 we don't actually write code until Chapter 4
0:48 but for each one we have a separate section.
0:51 You'll see that say Chapter 5
0:53 is based on Chapter 4 code.
0:56 Chapter 6 is based on Chapter 5 code.
0:58 Things like that.
0:59 So if you want to follow along with the routing part
1:01 you come over here
1:02 and you can see we have this start section.
1:04 This is the code that we typed in
1:06 that I typed in when we started Chapter 6.
1:08 This is the result of all the
1:10 work we did during Chapter 6.
1:12 So if you want to say start from where we were in Chapter 6
1:15 and then do the routing work yourself
1:18 just make a copy of this folder and start going.
1:22 Of course, this will become the
1:23 starter code for Chapter 7 and so on.
1:26 We talked about in the course
1:28 how to get one of these loaded up and running.
1:31 How do you create the virtual environments
1:33 and register the packages and stuff like that that you need?
1:36 So, we'll get to that in due course
1:38 but just know that we have these sort of
1:39 before and after codes for each chapter
1:43 and ideas that hopefully that helps you follow along
1:46 if you get lost or something along the way
1:48 just grab the starter code from a particular section
1:51 or you can go back and sort of diff the two directories
1:54 and see what changed.