Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Get the source code

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0:00 Everything you see me write.
0:01 Every bit of code that we create and all the stuff
0:04 that we generate during this course and even some
0:07 of the raw data needed to generate
0:09 that is available for you on GitHub.
0:12 So I encourage you to drop over here
0:14 at
0:17 here's a long one
0:18 data-driven-web-apps-with-pyramid-and-sqlalchemy
0:21 separated by dashes.
0:23 Go over there and star and fork this repository star
0:27 so you can get back to it and fork it, of course
0:28 so you have a permanent copy in your GitHub account.
0:31 If you don't want to, you can just go to the clone
0:34 and download button and download the zip.
0:35 But I recommend that you link it to your GitHub account.
0:38 That way you have access to it forever.
0:41 So if you're wondering how something worked
0:43 dropped over here in the GitHub repository and check it out.
0:46 There's a section that has the various versions
0:49 the various chapters.
0:51 Every single chapter we have a
0:52 separate saved copy of what we built.
0:55 You can go and see exactly what was built.
0:57 There's a before and after section.
1:00 So that you can compare and see
1:02 what was done during just that chapter.
1:04 Alright, so, be sure to grab this.
1:06 And, and get it yourself.
1:07 We're ready to go.
1:08 You could start from scratch and follow along.
1:10 But like I said, at some point, you'll need, like
1:12 the data and stuff to generate, say, the database.