Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student expectations and pre-reqs

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0:00 This is not an introduction to Python course.
0:03 We do assume a little bit of working knowledge.
0:06 We assume that you have basic Python programming skills.
0:10 I would say if you're, what you might consider
0:12 an advanced beginner, you're totally
0:15 good to take this course.
0:17 We're going to use things like classes
0:18 and decorators and functions and so on
0:21 but we're not going to describe what a class is
0:24 or describe what a function is or things like that.
0:26 So make sure you have some basic working knowledge
0:29 of Python in order to take this course.
0:31 If you don't, consider taking my Python
0:33 Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps course.
0:35 That's all about learning Python.
0:38 So here we assume that you know Python.
0:40 We also assume that you know a little bit of HTML.
0:43 That if you look at HTML, at least you can make sense of it
0:45 you know what, say, an attribute is
0:48 what a class is, things like that.
0:50 We're not going to be doing too much advanced stuff with HTML.
0:54 I'm not sure if there is such thing as advanced HTML
0:56 but we're not going to be doing too much with it
0:59 but of course, this is a web class
1:01 and we're going to be doing a lot of HTML
1:03 but I assume that you can work with standard markup.
1:07 Similarly, we're going to be using CSS
1:09 and I'll talk a lot about what the selectors
1:11 and classes and design mean, and especially
1:14 when we get to the bootstraps section
1:15 and applying that to our website.
1:17 So we're not going to assume you know tons of it
1:20 but we're not starting from scratch with CSS either.
1:23 So basic HTML, CSS, and Python knowledge
1:26 that's what we assume you're starting with
1:28 and then we're going to build
1:30 our full-stack web app from there.