Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: MongoDB edition

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0:00 The kind of final wrap up.
0:01 We said what if wanted to take
0:02 this web app that we created
0:04 and completely replace the database backend?
0:07 Not just switching something from like
0:09 MySQL over to Postgres, but no
0:11 something that's really different like MongoDB
0:14 that's a document database
0:15 that doesn't even have the same data style of programming.
0:19 And it turns out the design patterns we use
0:21 those services for talking to things like the database
0:24 the view models, and all that
0:26 I mean we could just change a handful of files
0:29 really easily, rewrite a couple queries
0:32 and we are off to the races, talking to MongoDB.
0:34 We use Mongo engine which is a pretty close match
0:37 for SQLAlchemy, a little more modeled
0:39 on the Django ORM, but those things are also quite similar.
0:43 So that was mostly to show you
0:45 just how awesome the design patterns
0:47 and everything we put into place are
0:49 but if you want to use MongoDB
0:50 you also have a cool MongoDB version, which I do recommend.