Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: viewmodels

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0:00 When we were accepting user input
0:01 we saw that there's a lot of validation
0:04 a lot of data exchange
0:05 and other things we have to do.
0:06 And that's not so much fun.
0:08 And the exact data and the format
0:11 of the data that we want to pass back and forth
0:12 also takes a lot of work.
0:14 So we decided to apply this design pattern
0:17 called view models.
0:18 And the idea is the view models
0:20 are tightly tied to the HTML form that
0:23 they're exchanging data with.
0:24 They know how to get the data
0:25 from the form and provide it back to it
0:28 or things like drop downs and where it needs it
0:30 and roundtrip it and so on.
0:31 It also knows how to do all the validation.
0:33 And that can be basic validation like
0:35 Hey, we require that you type in an email
0:37 address here, or, This has to be a number,
0:39 or, It has to bigger than five, and so on.
0:41 But it can also be richer, deeper validation like
0:44 Sorry, you can't register here.
0:46 You can't create an account with that email
0:48 'cause that email address is already
0:50 tied to another user.
0:51 Maybe you should just try to login
0:52 and reset your password.
0:54 And it's both made testing easier
0:56 'cause we can test the view models directly
0:59 and just do validation there.
1:00 Don't have to involve Flask
1:02 and HTTP infrastructure, and so on.
1:04 It also made our action methods
1:05 and our view methods much simpler, right?
1:08 They don't get larger and more complex
1:11 as we add more validation.
1:12 Just the one place where validation goes
1:14 the view models, does. But that's okay.
1:16 That's its job. Strongly recommend this pattern.
1:19 There's some other add-on libraries
1:21 for Flask and stuff that you can use for forms and whatnot.
1:23 But I really like this pattern
1:24 because you have complete control over it
1:26 and it's super straightforward and good for testing.