Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Themes

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0:00 We saw that using Bootstrap in our page
0:02 made it look a lot nicer.
0:04 You don't have to use Bootstrap, you can Semantic UI
0:06 or some other front-end framework.
0:08 There's a bunch of decent ones these days.
0:10 However, Bootstrap is really nice
0:11 because there are a ton of themes, and because we can just
0:15 take those themes and plop them into our shared layout
0:18 include a few CSS and JavaScript files and images
0:21 we can go from this really bad page
0:23 to including just Bootstrap.CSS
0:26 to make it look a lot better
0:27 and then dropping in one of these themes
0:28 to making it look, honestly, quite incredible.
0:31 Don't forget to check out the themes
0:32 remember we talked about places like Start Bootstrap
0:34 and WrapBootstrap and whatnot, or you can go and check out
0:38 the themes they have them all gathered up
0:40 some are paid, some are free.
0:42 Definitely take advantage of these if you can.