Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Creating a new Flask app

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0:00 Well, the first thing we had to do to get started with Flask was get started with Flask! And we saw that we could do that
0:06 by creating a virtual environment pip installing Flask, it would take along the dependencies and probably we want SQLAlchemy in there as well.
0:15 So we're going to do that when we get started and we saw there's two core ways. Of course, we can always use the command-line, right?
0:22 Create a directory, create a environment activate it, pip install flask and sqlalchemy create a file and just start editing, you know.
0:28 Typically that first file is called We saw that you'll benefit from much more structure than the standard Flask tutorial
0:37 'Hello, world' type thing would imply you would ever want. But hopefully, going through this whole course and seeing this app put together
0:44 you'll build a more structured thing than that. So you could always start with the terminal and just go that way, or we saw on Pycharm you could say
0:52 New project, Flask. Go and create me a virtual environment while you're doing it. So either way you want to do it, totally fine.
0:59 And that's how we got started.

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