Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Deployment
Lecture: uWSGI as a service

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0:00 You saw that we could
0:01 copy this command and run it.
0:02 And that is super good news.
0:04 Because that means we're basically having this work.
0:06 However, there are plenty of times
0:08 when our system unit here won't run
0:11 even though that works.
0:12 There's weird things about like
0:14 the working path and other stuff.
0:16 So what we need to do is get this
0:17 so that when we start our Linux server
0:20 this automatically launches that and just runs.
0:23 And if there's some kind of error
0:24 it will restart our service.
0:26 Things like that.
0:27 And basically to make this happen
0:28 we just need this file copied into the correct location.
0:31 So I have a little command here
0:33 that's going to say, copy that over to
0:34 etc/systemd/system and let's try that.
0:39 Alright, that worked. Pretty good.
0:40 And then what we can do is we can
0:42 issue commands to systemctl.
0:44 We can say, start
0:45 we can ask for the status
0:46 we can say, stop.
0:47 Let's try start first of all here.
0:49 It's pretty good. Let's look at the status.
0:56 Looks good, looks good.
0:57 Alright, things are running
0:58 we probably shouldn't run as root.
1:00 Don't do that.
1:01 Now, over here, we're got our four
1:03 worker processes running. That's all good.
1:06 Let's get out of here and just try our HTTP again.
1:10 Alright, it looks like it's working.
1:13 Everything is great.
1:14 However, if we reboot, it's not going to persist.
1:17 Why? Because we have to run this enable.
1:19 This tells it to run.
1:21 Now, it's going just prove it
1:23 let's do a reboot real quick
1:24 log back in, and see that we can still access it.
1:27 Alright, that's probably long enough.
1:28 Let's try to go back.
1:30 Let's try to request a page again.
1:33 Beautiful. Still working.
1:35 Now we can't access it yet outside the server.
1:38 Remember, only ports we're exposing are
1:40 80 and 443 as far as the web's concerned
1:43 5000 properly blocked off as it should be.
1:46 But now we have it running
1:48 in uWSGI as a system service
1:51 and whatever the lifecycle of the server is
1:53 it's going to keep our app running.
1:55 I'm just going to start it up whenever we turn it on
1:57 we turn off, obviously it turns off with the server.
1:59 So this is perfect.
2:00 Just leave it like this and let it go.