Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: User input and HTML forms
Lecture: Login form

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0:00 So, it looks like register is working well
0:03 How about Login?
0:05 Well, you know, not so much
0:07 it looks more like the about page.
0:09 Even though, yeah, it is a login.
0:10 We haven't created the form for this one either.
0:13 And in fact, it's so super similar
0:15 to what we got going on over here
0:17 just varies by a tiny, tiny bit
0:20 that we're just going to grab a bunch of this
0:22 and copy it over.
0:26 So there we go, this is all the same
0:28 except for we don't need to ask for their names
0:30 just email and password now for them to login.
0:32 We still need our arrow bit
0:34 and, oh look at that.
0:36 I think actually we're pretty much good.
0:38 Let's try our login again.
0:41 Maybe not so much. One more thing.
0:43 Go over here and we'll say
0:45 login to PyPI and then we can also add like
0:48 a little gray thing that says don't have an account.
0:52 Go over here, forgot your password, go over there.
0:55 But you know, you can add that later.
0:57 So, login to PyPI. I do this.
1:00 Submit. It's now posting back to the login.
1:02 Host method and we're going to have to fill that out.
1:05 Kind of like we did before, but this time it's going
1:07 to be a lot easier.