Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: User input and HTML forms
Lecture: Registration form

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0:00 The login and register out's in place.
0:02 Let's go try to register.
0:04 Well, there's not a whole lot going on over here
0:06 that we can use yet is there?
0:08 Like our registration form is non existent.
0:11 So let's go do the html side of things
0:13 to add our registration form over in our template here.
0:17 Now we've got this little div action
0:20 and actually that should be a form right there.
0:23 Let's go ahead and put this on the inside
0:24 and then we have a couple of inputs.
0:26 So we have an input type equals text
0:29 and we're going to have an input type equals password.
0:33 We'll have another one of those.
0:34 And then we'll also have a button and it'll say register.
0:38 Okay let's see how that's coming along.
0:40 Yeah, that says okay.
0:42 You know what goes in here?
0:43 I don't, not yet.
0:45 So let's go ahead and we could either add a label
0:47 but as you've probably already noticed from me
0:49 I prefer placeholders, so we'll say your name
0:53 this placeholder will be your email address
0:57 this placeholder will be your password.
1:01 Now oftentimes on registration you'll see password
1:03 and confirm password 'cause oh my gosh
1:06 what if you type in the password wrong and you can't login?
1:08 In any real site, what you're going to have to do
1:10 no matter what, is have a reset your password option
1:13 where you send them an email and they reset their password.
1:15 So if they get it wrong they can just do that alright.
1:18 We don't have to actually double that up here.
1:20 And let's go and set the type on this to be submit
1:23 How are we doing? Better, not amazing, but better.
1:28 Can we submit our form? Let's go find out.
1:31 We click register, here you can see
1:32 it's actually posting back.
1:34 We do a get, it's posted here and then it's posting here
1:37 when we submit it so
1:38 this runs when we request the page but this
1:40 every time I click the button, it's running.