Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Bootstrap and frontend CSS frameworks
Lecture: Why Bootstrap themes are awesome

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0:00 Themes are one of the things that
0:01 make Bootstrap super, super awesome.
0:04 Every now and then you'll hear people
0:06 say negative things about Bootstrap.
0:07 Oh you shouldn't use Bootstrap
0:09 real designers don't use that.
0:10 Or whatever, yeah, but
0:12 what you're going to see in this little section here
0:15 is going to jumpstart your project so much that
0:18 you know what, let people say you shouldn't use Bootstrap.
0:20 All right, I think it's wonderful.
0:22 We also talked about Bootstrap being more popular
0:25 and this is one of the benefits.
0:26 There's not nearly as many themes around Materialize
0:29 or the other, less popular front-end frameworks.
0:32 Because this is the most popular one
0:34 there's not just themes, there are sites entirely dedicated
0:37 to open source themes, even selling you themes
0:40 for relatively affordable prices.
0:42 So let's dig into that.
0:44 So remember, we started out with this dreadful page.
0:47 This is a truly, un-styled HTML page.
0:50 Should be scary to anyone who needs to make it look pretty
0:53 except for those who have decent amount
0:55 of experience with web design.
0:56 However, dropping just the Bootstrap's CSS on the page
0:59 made it feel like, okay, yeah this is looking better.
1:03 Yeah, yeah, we're making a lot of progress.
1:05 But the next step, is much bigger, much bigger.
1:08 So if we go to one of these Bootstrap theme sites
1:10 and we grab a theme and we drop it here
1:12 it goes from terrible, to decent, to incredible.
1:17 Right? Look at the difference.
1:18 These are not even in the same category.
1:21 We're going to be able to find themes like this last one here
1:23 that are beautiful and you know
1:24 drop it into our common layout in our template
1:27 and just, boom, our site is going come alive.
1:31 So you definitely, definitely want to at least tour
1:34 or look through some of these theme sites
1:36 and see if there's something that really catches your eye.
1:38 A lot of them are free and open source.
1:40 And if they're paid, they're usually super, super affordable.