Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Bootstrap and frontend CSS frameworks
Lecture: Running in a real web server

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0:00 Now it great to just double click the index
0:02 or bare.html file and have it load up in our browser.
0:06 But sometimes it makes more sense
0:08 the way our html's put together and what-not
0:10 to actually run in a browser.
0:12 Anytime you might have something
0:13 like forward slash, whatever.
0:15 Basically that doesn't work.
0:16 Also, javascript cors that can also cause some issues.
0:20 So let's go back, really quick, to our app here.
0:22 And what we had been doing is just
0:24 double clicking that file
0:25 but in PyCharm or Webstorm
0:27 you can come over here and right click
0:29 and just say run
0:30 you don't have to set up project or anything like that.
0:33 You just run it and notice
0:34 now it's running on a real server.
0:36 So you can do things like come down here
0:38 and inspect element and look at the network.
0:41 So for example, if we go to all
0:43 you'll see, you know, the request for say, the static files.
0:46 Which you don't actually see
0:48 if you load it off the file system
0:49 and the dev tools a lot of times.
0:51 So if you need to run your html file in a browser
0:54 super easy to do with PyCharm or WebCharm.
0:56 Just right click and say run it, and it'll run right there.