Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Routing and URLs
Lecture: Concept: Refactoring view methods with Flask blueprints

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0:00 Before we get to the rest of our routing
0:01 let's review this idea of factoring our view methods
0:04 into separate files with Flask Blueprints.
0:07 So there's two parts here
0:09 first we work on the file that contains the view methods
0:12 that we're breaking a little bit of our web app out into.
0:16 So here's let look at views/
0:19 okay we're going to import flask, but instead of saying
0:21 we say flask.blueprint
0:24 give it a friendly name
0:25 we give it an import name and a template folder.
0:28 That creates a blueprint and just like before
0:30 we say blueprint.route and from there on
0:33 it's pretty much exactly the same
0:34 just use the word blueprint instead of app.
0:37 But don't forget, we also have to now go back and register
0:39 these after the blueprints have been created.
0:41 So in our main start-up code
0:43 in our example, which is
0:45 we're going to import that module
0:49 that contains the extra functions.
0:51 I'm going to create the app just as normal
0:52 and then we're going to register the blueprint
0:54 so app.register_blueprints and give it the blueprint
0:57 from that other module.
1:00 We can do this with as many pieces of we want to
1:02 break it up into and then we just say
1:05 I really love this pattern.
1:07 It drives me crazy when applications are crammed
1:10 all into one file.
1:11 This helps you organize your codes
1:13 you can quickly find the view methods
1:14 the templates
1:15 all the stuff that is related to one part of your website
1:18 so I highly encourage you to use this.